Guest Blogger

Hi, I am Dani I am guest blogging for Ruchi you can find my blog here

I will be writing my top 10 list of favorite marvel characters


  1. Bucky Barnes- I love Bucky so much is whole backstory and Sebastian Stan portrays him so well
  2. Tony Stark- My favorite movie is the first Iron Man so I have to love tony because you have to stand him to watch the movie and his character is really well developed and the ending of him is sad but amazing
  3. Thor Odison- Thor is a really funny character but he isn’t constantly cracking jokes and has a few Sentimental moments, I’m not the biggest fan of the first 2 Thor movies but “Thor Ragnarok” is one of my favorite movies
  4. Hela- She is just so sassy and I am living for it
  5. T’challa- This movie is so pretty and is really funny one of my favorite scene’s is the MCU is in this movie when he visits his dad is the Wakanda after life
  6. Wanda- Her character development is just beautiful and her backstory is so tragic but the fact that she actually go through pain and suffering you can relate to her
  7. Loki- I notice I just like people with sad and tragic backstories but his character in “Thor” is just amazing to watch and Tom Hiddleston just brings the character to life
  8. Steve Rogers- I just put him here to make Ruchi happy but He’s a little bland I love “Captain America: The First Avenger” and his “Brother” relationship with Bucky just warms my heart
  9. Sam Wilson- This character is such an amazing character that I aspire to be like he is so funny and sassy he’s just a combo of everything I love in this world
  10. Natasha- Again with the tragic backstories but she is a pretty good character I love her movie “black Widow” Scarlett Johansson is an amazing actor